• 2024 Digital Consumer Trends: Embracing Intuitive E-Commerce and the Rise of the TikTok Economy

    Over the past year, technological advancements have continued to reshape the way consumers interact with the digital marketplace. In this annual report, we explore into the top five digital shopper trends that are set to redefine commerce in the year ahead. From the evolution of intuitive e-commerce experiences powered by emerging technologies, to the skyrocketing […]

  • New MSI Claw Gaming Device Ready to Rival Steam Deck

    Most anticipated launches in the gaming world this season include the unveiling of the MSI Claw, a potent competitor poised to challenge the popularity of the Steam Deck. This cutting-edge handheld gaming device, powered by Intel’s Core Ultra processors, marks a significant stride in portable PC gaming technology. MSI, a leading name in the gaming […]

  • AppleVision Pro Units Develop Hairline Crack Issue, Reportedly Linked to Similar Front Glass Crack Problem

    You wake up one morning, excited to start your day with your Apple Vision Pro headset, only to discover a hairline crack on the front cover glass. Unfortunately, you’re not alone in facing this issue as reports of similar cracks have surfaced among a small number of users. According to Reddit and AppleInsider, some Vision […]

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