AppleVision Pro Units Develop Hairline Crack Issue, Reportedly Linked to Similar Front Glass Crack Problem

You wake up one morning, excited to start your day with your Apple Vision Pro headset, only to discover a hairline crack on the front cover glass. Unfortunately, you’re not alone in facing this issue as reports of similar cracks have surfaced among a small number of users.

According to Reddit and AppleInsider, some Vision Pro units have developed cracks on the front glass, indicating a potential manufacturing flaw. The exact cause of the problem remains unknown, but the consistency in appearance and limited number of affected units suggest a common underlying issue.

Engadget’s review unit was also impacted by the crack, highlighting the seriousness of the problem. With Apple being contacted for comment, users are left wondering whether the company will acknowledge the issue as a manufacturing defect and offer coverage under the device’s warranty.

For some users, Apple’s response has been disappointing, with reports suggesting that the crack repair may not be covered under warranty. Those with AppleCare coverage are facing a $300 repair cost, while those without are looking at a hefty $800 bill for fixing the cover glass.

Apple is known for occasionally offering special repair programs for recognized hardware issues. However, the company’s decision to do so in this case will likely depend on the number of reported incidents and the severity of the problem. For now, affected users are left in limbo, unsure of how to address the costly repair.

This incident serves as a reminder of the risks associated with purchasing first-generation Apple products. The company has a history of encountering issues with initial releases, such as the easily scratched first-generation iPod nano, which resulted in a class-action lawsuit and a $22.5 million settlement.

As users navigate through this latest challenge with the Apple Vision Pro headset, the tech community will be watching closely to see how Apple responds and whether additional steps will be taken to address the hairline crack issue. In the meantime, affected users are advised to handle their headsets with extra care to prevent further damage.