10 Best Wire Ladles

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Stainless Steel Wire Strainer Ladle For Fry Oil Mesh Strainer Frying Food Pasta Spaghetti Noodle Hot Pot, Stay Cool Handle Round Spiral Wire Skimmer Restaurant Home Use (27.5 in)

Long Handle mesh wire skimmer has nickel plated construction, Long handle for easy usage, One-piece design with 18-inch long handle.

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Khandekar Heavy Duty Nickel Plated Skimmer, Solid Spider Strainer for Restaurant, Wire Skimmer Ladle, Large - 28 inch

Solid Spiral surface of skimmer strainers can scoop up foods safely and prevent splashes. Close help to drain away hot oil and boiling liquids more conveniently. Perfect for french fries/fish/meatsalso can be used to wash fruits.

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HHP Set of 4 Stainless Steel Skimmer Spider Wire Strainer Colander Ladle Spoon with Handle and Hanging Hook Great for Pasta Spaghetti Noddles Frying Food Wok Vegetables


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Kaixin Skimmer Spoon Fry Oil Mesh Strainer Spider Stainless Steel Asian Metal Large Fat Fish French Round Slotted Ladle Deep Wire Basket Fine Grease Stir For cooking With Long Handle Hot Pot--5 Inch

Long Handle: Long, hollow handle tool wont transfer heat; stays cool during use and keeps hands out of harms way from. A loop at the end of the handle allows it to be hung for easy storage.

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Shradha Trading Stainless Steel Strainer, Stainless Steel Skimmer,Stainless Steel Spider Strainer, Skimmer Ladle,Wire Skimmer with Spiral Mesh,Professional Grade Handle Skimmer, Kitchen Skimmer

Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe

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Spider Set of 2 Asian Strainer Ladle Stainless Steel Wire Skimmer Spoon with Handle for Kitchen Frying Food, Pasta, Spaghetti, Noodle Dia 6.9"/4.5"

Polished and smooth stainless steel is ergonomically-designed to feel comfortable and easy-to-hold in your hand. No rough or sharp edges like some steel spider strainers have.

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Wire Kitchen Skimmer Spider Strainer Stainless Steel food colander Slotted Ladle Scoop For Pasta Deep Frying Chips

Easy to clean & store, dishwasher safe. The hanging loop help you easily store it without occupying much space.

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uxcell Metal Wire Spiral Mesh Home Kitchen Frying Perforated Spoon Skimmer Strainer Ladle 4.5 Inch Dia

Good Design: Heat resistant and ergonomic designed sanding handle is easy-to-hold. This unique designed handle will not GET HOT TO THE TOUCH , No matter how long you leave it in the pan when cooking. It allows you to handle your food conveniently , reduce hand fatigue and minimize the risk of slipping. It also will hold up to the demanding use of home cooks and professional chefs.

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Antrader 5.2-Inch Solid Stainless Steel Spider Strainer Wire Skimmer Colander Ladle, Stainless steel Handle with Hanging Ring

Made of anti-rust and durable stainless steel material with hanging hole. Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe.

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BESTOMZ Set of 3 Stainless Steel Skimmer Strainer, Wire Skimmer with Spiral Mesh, Handle Skimmer Spoon/Ladle for Spaetzle/Pasta/Chips

Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe. Hole design on the handle allows you to hang it on the kitchen wall to keep it clean and dry, handy for use.

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