New Version of Parrot ANAFI Drone with Thermal Camera

With its ultra-compact folding format, solid flight time and excellent built-in camera, Parrot drone has already become one of the best options on the market. But now the French manufacturer has strengthened it even more and added a thermal camera, thanks to which the practical application of the new device has greatly expanded.

Parrot advertises ANAFI Thermal drone as the best in its category. And they have a convincing argument — it offers 26 minutes of flight (along with hot-swappable batteries that provide up to 78 minutes of flight), autonomous capabilities, easy connection, control with using the application and standard camera with 21MP 4K HDR sensor and 3x zoom.

Of course, the star of the show, in this case, is a new thermal imaging camera, which is activated by the press of a button and can detect temperatures from -23 to 204 degrees Celsius. For example, it can detect hot and cold spots, heat leaks and even track personnel and/or animals. This impressive and versatile drone can be yours for $1900.